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Answer this question in as much detail as you can. You may want to read this article for some pointers first.
By "project," I mean the service, the membership site, the consulting package, the ebook. What form does the thing take that you give your customer?
Will you use blog software? An awesome WordPress theme? Other technology tools? Do you need a copywriter, graphicdesigner, wordpress developer? If it's an information product, do you need to do additional research on the topic? Could you interview some experts for addional material?
How could you do a "good enough" beta version to test that this is actually a marketable concept?
Marketing partners? Content creation partners? Business partners?
This can be different for different monetization ites. Advertising could be split differently than fees for services.
Starting a business is hard. It's easy to give up. Can you join a really great entrepreneur's group? Work with a coach? Put together a small mastermind or accountability group?
If there are partners, who pays these expenses is the launch process before we have revenue coming in? Are these one-time or recurring?
Who will do the work? Who's going to manage the project and make sure the tasks get done? How long will it take?
If the project is a magnificent success, what will that look like? (Answer this one in as much detail as you can.)
What do you need to do next to get yourself moving forward?