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Website Designing

Website designing in Parramatta

Web Designing changes in its approach to customers and in presentation style. Blitzo helps you to build a professional looking website with immense featured added on. Website should always interact with customers so that they can share the contents to social medias, they can comment on the blogs and products. Day to day blogging with rss feeds should be on the website so that it will help the customers to be in touch with the company or it’s prodcuts. The following features are to be maintained in a professional website during designing and development.

Web Hosting

A website run smoothly when it is hosted on a good reliable server. Since a lot of customer engages with your products and services through the web pages , the server should have enough bandwidth. SSL certificates add trust for your websites when it comes to matter of security for purchase, cash payments, personal credentials etc.

High Quality Content

Customers should be served with unique and relevant content which should give prior information to their searches and doubts. The content should be easily readable for all categories.

Loading Speed

The website should be faster and load with in no time in browsers. This will be possible only if the website is coded without no error. The images should be optimized and served in scaled proportions, caching of server, files, images gives proper speed. Gzip can be used so that the page and files get compressed during they leave from the server and loads uncompressed on browsers. Avoid rendering of java scripts, minify css and java script files also contribute in loading the page faster.

Social Relevance

Nowadays social media plays an important role in being a platform in which people can share their thoughts, ideas, products, services among each other or via network or virtual communities. Also the websites should have social sharing buttons for each social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, youtube etc. A social commenting platform enabled on pages will help people to comment on the website pages using their social profiles.

Google Analytics

A proper analytics is required for a website to assess the progress of that website. Using google analytic on website will help to find how much traffic is coming to website pages from different platforms like search engines,
social medias, other websites. Also you can find out the traffic flow from different countries and cities.

Overall performance makes a website popular among customers. They prefer faster and informative website when the click from search engines. If your sites lacks the above terms, the bounce rate will remain high. So be keen and cunning when you choose webdesign services. Ask them about the above perspectives before you enter into the contract.