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In today’s internet, blog topics are everything if you want to improve your local SEO in Sydney. Of course, you are interested in what the customers type when they search on Google and having powerful blogs on your website can help you achieve the first page on the search engine.

Once we partnered with new clients to work with their SEO or known as Search Engine Optimisation, the first thing we do is to write blog topics that will boost their strategy by using the right keywords.

Searching for the matching keywords is being done by determining the usual questions being searched by the people and how it is connected with our client’s services or products.

With this technique, you can write meaningful content that will answer the customer’s specific question on Google or any kind of search engine.

Google is the most used and powerful search engine compared to Bing, Yahoo, and the like. It is important to consider how its algorithm works and adapt to its changes.

Meanwhile, all the information you need about the customer’s common questions is already available on the internet, you just need to know where to do extensive research to find it. Once you find the right tools and resources for your possible client, you have to start creating SEO-friendly blogs.

Here are some tips to discover the keywords and the general questions that customers look on search engines to improve your local SEO in Sydney:

  1. Ask your customer service and sales staff

Your customer service and sales staff know the usual questions being asked and other information needed from the people on the internet.

Because these employees have direct contact with the customers and they exactly know the questions that clients have in mind, their objections and other things that trigger them.

If your website has a live chat feature, it can greatly help with your research as you can easily collect the data and questions directly from the consumers.

  1. Google is everything

As the old saying goes, Google knows all and it is a digital friend that can give you all the details you need. Below here are some tools from Google that you can use to get the information you need:

  • Google Suggest – Enter the keywords available in a Google search and see what it recommends.
  • Google Trends – Enter the keyword you encountered and see if it has a high search volume so you can create useful content. Search their current trends to look for some trendy topics.
  • Google Related Searches – Remember that you can scroll to the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and you can identify relevant blog topics.
  • Google People Also Ask – This section of the SERP is below the featured snippet and provides suggestions for related questions.
  • YouTube – Aside from Google, YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine and using this can give you plenty of ideas about the common searches of the customers.
  1. Medium and Long Tail Keywords are Good Strategy for a Local SEO in Sydney

Medium and long-tail keywords enhance the click-through rates and conversions because they can specifically respond to the customer’s questions who are in the particular phase of the buyer’s journey. It may sound unreasonable to be specific with the keywords and blog topics but if your writings will focus on answering questions, you can drive more traffic to your website.

Enhancing your SEO strategy doesn’t have to be difficult because you just have to look for a blog topic that will help you improve your SEO.

Meanwhile, Blitzo Studio offers full marketing and advertising solutions including professional website design to keep your business on top of the pile in this age of fast technology and even quicker online conversions. It can also help your company improve your local SEO in Sydney.