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Local SEO – The landscape of Search Engine Algorithm has been changing over the years. Ten years ago, it was simpler to rank a particular keyword as long as you spam it in the content of your website. However, since Google and other search engines has detected this “loophole,” they always see to it that they change the algorithm whenever it is needed. In this light, it is of paramount importance that you, as an online business owner, should have a working knowledge about search engine algorithm. However, if you are someone who has a busy schedule and can’t find a time to actually study search engine algorithms, then it is better if you leave your website in good hands by hiring SEO companies.

However, if you are someone who has plenty of time in their hands, you can actually study the algorithms today. You must study them in order to have a plan and understand the paramount principles of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. To start off, here are some 5 tips you can use in order to have a foundation of what SEO is.

You need to learn these basic tips because they are fundamental principles of SEO. You can then play with them when you master them already.

Tips to Consider on how to Outrank your Competitors

Even when search engine algorithm has been changing every year. These fundamental principles stays the same. So here are the SEO tips for 2019:

Generate Quality Content

It is important to note that when you are writing content for your website, see to it that you are talking to an audience. When you keep this in mind, you always want to make your audience learn from you.

In that sense, always make it a point that your audience will learn something new from you. Do not write a low quality article, and post it for the sake of posting it. Make an effort to make your audience learn something new about what you have written.

Selecting the right keywords.

One of the many mistakes a newbie in SEO always make is not finding the right keywords. They may have the idea on how to do SEO, but they do not know how to implement it properly. You may have a 1000% quality article but when your keywords are wrong, then you are going nowhere. Find the long-tailed keywords, and combine it with LSI keywords in your article.

Implementing mobile index

Since we are living in a world where smart phones are one of the most important things in our everyday life, it is only logical to index your website through mobile. Doing the same will not only boost your rankings on the computer searches but also on mobile searches.

Develop a responsive website with low loading speed.

It is always important to note that a responsive website with a low loading speed is one of the important tenets of a high ranking website. Audience who visit the website, and deem it loading slowly will be disheartened by your website, and in turn, they are going to want to close the said website. That leaves your website with high bounce rate.

With these SEO tips this 2019, it is guaranteed that you can boost your rankings. Also, be sure to study more about SEO. Find the best SEO Sydney company here at Blitzo.com.au.