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Over the past decade, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been a great help when it comes to promoting an online business. It creates a large amount of audience which in turn will get you more sales. The more audience you can reach, the more customers you can get, and the more sales you can have. That is why SEO has been a great part of an online marketer’s life for the past decade. However, some people still do not know how SEO works. That is especially those marketers that are just starting their online business.

Improve your Google Rankings

Google is the tier 1 search engine that we have today. Every time we try to find or search stuff online, we go to Google for its help. As an online marketer, you need to understand how Google algorithm works. If you know how this works, then you are in for a great ride in the train of success.

How do you improve your Google Rankings?

You need to learn these basic tips because they are fundamental principles of SEO. You can then           with them when you master them already. Even when search engine algorithm has been changing every year. These fundamental principles stays the same.

Remove the contents of your website that makes it slow.

Always check your website if you have contents that are making it load slowly. Check the plug-ins that are making your website load slowly. There are unnecessary plug-ins that you need to remove in order for your html codes and javascript to load fast.

Use the right keywords for your website.

Use Google adwords keywood tool in order to find the right keywords for your website. The right keywords for your website will improve the Google rankings. The algorithm of Google is always made and tweaked in order for Google lean into the right keywords.

Introduce mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile-friendly websites are the trend today because people are using their phones more than ever. They use their phones in order to search for stuff, buy food online, or simply research something.

Don’t forget the meta-description.

Meta-description is important because Google’s algorithm always finds a way to crawl your website through their meta-description.

Start writing content that are relevant to your keywords.

Write the content of your website that are relevant to your keywords. Always make sure that the keywords are relevant to your niche. Always make sure that the keywords are always relevant and unique.