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As the world evolves, our technology also evolves. We started from the abacus to calculate numbers, and then to calculators, to computers, and to supercomputers. However, one of the technological advances humans have created is the internet. Because of the internet, we are able to connect with our loved on easily, order a food off the internet without any hassle, or buy stuff online with just the tip of our fingers. In this light, it is imperative for businesses to strengthen their online presence in order for them to be more successful. Sure, they can be successful enough without any online advertising but people are connected to the internet almost every minute of the day. They will be searching for stuff online. The more you grow your audience online, the more successful you become.

What is the benefit of using SEO to promote your business?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the best ways to promote your website. People search stuff through the search engines and as long as you know how to promote the same, then you will be on top. Make sure that you rank your website to the first page of Google. The higher you go up in the Google search rankings, the more customers you can get.

What are the free rudimentary tools you can use for SEO?

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords keyword Tool is a free tool made by Google itself. It is of paramount  importance that you have a Google Adwords Keyword tool account because this will help you find the best keyword for your business. In order to be successful online, you need to make sure that you put in your website the right keywords. Always make sure that you search for long tailed keywords combined with LSI keywords.

  • Copyscape

Copyscape is a tool to know if your content is unique or not. It is also important to know that the content you are posting is unique. Google penalizes a website with a content that is not unique. With this, you can always say that your content will not be a problem when it comes to Google algorithm vis a vis plagiarized materials.

  • Google Webmaster Tools

You need to make sure that you also have an account for the Google Webmater tools. This is important to monitor the traffic of your website, and what is the bounce rate of the same.

There is a plethora of SEO tools you can use but these are the basic tools you can readily own. If you want to have an SEO consultation of your website, contact us here at Blitzo Digital Agency.