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Search Engine Marketing Sydney – Back in the day, if you have a business and want to get notice you will taking an ad in newspaper or renting a billboard.

But today with search engine marketing you can now market your business to internet that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages.

So what is exactly the search engine marketing?

As you see, giant search engine like Google use algorithms to try to push relevant results to the top of the page. When a user types in “Android Marshmallow” they’ll get links to get a new performance on their device rather than pictures of “Android eating Marshmallow”. Now, how exactly these algorithm work are usually closely guarded trade secrets but there’s enough public knowledge for webmasters to attempt to tune your pages to boost their position in search engine results. In fact, Google even puts out a search engine optimization starter guide to help website owners improve their chances of earning the in demand top results.


For starters its good idea to optimize your pages metadata. Metadata is all the stuff other that the actual content people will see in their browser and accurate metadata things like descriptive page titles or embedding a short explanation of what’s on the page into HTML which you can often end up seeing underneath a google results can help push your site up to the top a more recent development is making URLs themselves more informative you’ve probably seen this on news site, which have started to use file names that indicate what the article is more about like “Webdeveloperexpert.HTML” which is a lot more helpful to a search engine than just signing some random number.

Search Engine Marketing Sydney

Another tip is to nest your pages in some sort of sensible directory structure organized by things like topics and dates. But, what about the page itself? Since most modern search engines used how often a pages links to as a key metric, its importance providing descriptive text links in the body of a webpage to other pages on your site can be helpful. Search Engines are also aware of things like topic headers and alt text for images to help categorize the site the key as within any metadata is to keep this as short but also as informative and descriptive as possible to make easier for a search engine to determine that your site is relevant to a particular topic. Everything we’ve outlined so far is a legitimate SEO strategy there are plenty of other tricks that might be employed by unscrupulous site owners these collectively are known as Black Hat SEO or spammers and their goal is to try to make a page seem more relevant to a topic than it actually as and these tricks can take the form of anything from hiding keywords in invisible text that user would like to highlight to see to buying link backs or even traffic from other sites for using irrelevant keywords that might just be  trending at the moment or eve just overusing the relevant ones. This kind of behavior has resulted in a bit of a digital arms race between search engine developers who are trying to remove these pages for their users and spammers or site owners who are desperate for clicks and aren’t above using shady tactics. The question is who will ultimately win? As search engine giants like Google deploy more sophisticated methods to separate the signal from the noise. So, if you want your website to be around for a long time stick to the honest tried and truth tactics even if your website does feature material of ill repute.

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