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In the eyes of most of your prospects, high rankings mean top quality. More and more frequently, users conduct their research online prior to buying, and their decisions to buy are affected not just by high rankings, but also by what they read on your page, how well their needs are met, and what others are saying about your business or product.

Not being in control of your SEO branding can become a very costly mistake. And getting it right can be extremely profitable. Social media marketing is also growing ever more important. Happy clients, working for free and sharing your links with hundreds of friends, will spread your messages to thousands of prospects, at no cost. All you must do is give them the right tools (texts, keywords and message).

SEO branding is a strategic process. There’s no quick-fix approach to getting things right. It is not a manipulative system of stuffing keywords or blasting thousands of back links at a site. It’s a form of inbound marketing that transcends technique to become a true strategy with potential to expand and explode a business’ level of success.

In the virtual universe of the Internet, brand conscious SEO consultants must incorporate the digital equivalent into their campaigns. SEO branding through a combination of SEO and display advertising can score major wins over the effective offline equivalent of offline ads because of a significant difference – online ads are viewed at just the right time! But combine this branding effort with SEO and you’ll ensure that your ad is right there at the time your prospective buyer is ready for it. Your SEO-driven ad is on display all year round, working gradually and subliminally to convince your best prospects that you’re on top. This can happen only when you completely understand the importance of search rankings in the research and buying cycle.

Strategic SEO-based brand advertising will help you build trust with your audience, hack into your prospect’s mind, and create an interest that will grow over time to become a reality. Modern SEO is just like that. Any branding or PR campaign that ignores the vital role of SEO is destined to fail, or at least seriously under perform on its potential.

The prospects who are interested in what you have to offer are seeking solutions to problems you can help them solve, and who are driven by motives that you deeply understand, empathize with, and speak to in your landing page copy. That’s how you can attract your ideal audience like a magnet and convert them into buying customers.

Even small companies can take advantage of SEO branding by being smarter. You can exploit the efforts of big brands that don’t have an SEO plan, and leverage the momentum they create in the marketplace to attract your customers – the folks who are in ‘research mode’ prior to buying or taking action.
The ads may look great, but they cause a business to miss out on reaching a lot of potential clients, sales and business growth potential, because these branding efforts are not backed by a planned and well organized SEO branding strategy.

Most SEO experts focus merely on the technical nuances of getting high search rankings for their client websites. They ignore far bigger and more impactful elements of business growth such as securing funding, finding investors or enhancing stock value – all of which are ultimate goals of good SEO branding. SEO and branding can work together to reinforce each other, creating much more powerful synchrony than either alone. The impact of SEO branding can be long-lasting, measurable and targeted.