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Traditional Business Is Hard In Times of Coronavirus Pandemic

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Third of a series COVID-19 CHALLENGES YES IT REALLY HARD to manage a traditional business in this times of the pandemic. In fact, thousands of businesses around the world are

Time to adopt the ‘New Normal’ for traditional businesses or else face closure

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FIRST OF A SERIES WITH THE ongoing threat of the deadly coronavirus disease, people and businesses are in shambles. But doing nothing, or just staying at home simply means people

Digital projects amidst the covid-19 pandemic

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We are not certain when shall this covid-19 pandemic will end but life must go on no matter what the challenges are. We cannot just set down and wait for

What’s really trending strategy for SEO for 2020 and Beyond

Part 1 of a series trending strategy for SEO for 2020 Well, we’ve made a research online about what’s in store for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and we’ve gathered

What does this BERT means for SEO?

Part 2 of a series Well, as many marketers online knew, BERT is only a signal of how the Big G understands the language. However, this is a very important

Your Home Can Affect Your Taxes, Agree?

(Part 2) POINTS TAX FACTS: There are deductible expenses for home buyers, which include settlement charges for points. The points paid by either the buyer or the seller is deductible by

Easy way to make money with a photo booth

A photo booth is now considered as an important part of every party or occasion as it helps make the event more memorable and fun. It is actually the life

How Your Home Affects Your Professional Taxes?

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We pay taxes every year for our professional tax aside from other taxes such as realty and other taxes for businessmen. It is something that we have to face. But

Can You Monetize Your Blog?

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Okay, so you have been exerting a lot of efforts in order to produce good-quality on your website. In fact,by doing that, you have been attracting a good amount of

COVID‑19 and The Shift to Remote Work – Tech Tips to Follow

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It goes beyond saying that the situation in which the world is at the moment can seem quite terrifying. Not only are we facing global pandemic and the inevitability of