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Search Engine Optimization Parramatta

SEO Parramatta

Everybody are dreaming of getting a rank with in the top 10 search results for their websites when customers search with their queries. Thats why SEO plays an important role in scoring high in SERPs. Google make changes in it’s algorithm from time to time to provide user friendly and genuine information to people for their searched queries. Ranging from Panda to Penguine , EMD (Exact Match Domain names) and the latest PBN ( Private Blog Network De-indexing ).

If you are looking for websites with good traffic without getting de indexed by google , Blitzo will help you to achieve that goal. In that case the website should follow the Google’s latest mission statement. Which is

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google always support websites with genuine information which sticks to match the search queries with high quality content. We always start from the basic SEO and optimizes the pages for Search Engines. In order to achieve good positions in Google , the following requirements to be fulfilled.

  • Check the current rank positions
  • Check the keyword density for each pages and rewrite contents if necessary
  • Give good social relevance for websites via social bookmarking and social sharing
  • On page optimization using google guidelines
  • Optimization using Google webmaster tools
  • Image optimization using alt tags.
  • Page speed optmization
  • Building great quality backlinks
  • Mobile optimized versions or design
  • Micorformat or html mark up using data highlighting tools
  • Analysis using google analytics

We always use white hat SEO techniques so that our websites are never de-indexed or penalized by Google. Take the right decisions when you start think about getting high traffics from Search Engines , opting SEO