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It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the way people around the world live; a lot has changed including how people work, study and shop. Almost every industry has been affected in some way and it has become difficult for some businesses to survive. With the emphasis now being on staying home and utilising the internet to do things that were previously done in person, online marketing and SEO in Sydney has become even more important than before.

Keep reading to find out some top tips for helping your business through online marketing during the pandemic.

Improve your website visibility

The pandemic has had a huge impact on retailers and hospitality due to the need to close to encourage people to stay at home and keep safe. Due to this, many people have opted to support businesses and the economy by turning to websites. This means that it is more important than ever to have an easy to use, helpful and searchable website.

There are many benefits to having a good website, such as making your business more readily accessible to potential customers, through SEO in Sydney and helping to build your brand and build trust amongst new customers.

Some easy ways of improving your visibility and assisting with your online marketing strategy are:

  • Create interesting and engaging content
  • Understand the meaning of SEO in Sydney
  • Ensure your website works on both computer and mobile platforms
  • Include relevant keywords on your web pages

Ramp up your social media

Social media has been a huge part of every day life for many years, with the majority of people having social media profiles. Online marketing experts have been able to harness this trend in order to promote business and build a brand image in order to help grow businesses.

An excellent digital marketing technique is simply to create social media profiles and start to generate a buzz about your business. The brilliant thing about social media is that it is relatively inexpensive and you are able to get results without spending a fortune. Some great ways of being successful on social media are:

  • Utilize sponsored posts or paid ads
  • Post frequently
  • Engage with customers in comments
  • Have social media contests
  • Keep customers up to date with relevant information

Get creative

Digital marketing has and always favour the brave, therefore it is not about falling back on old and outdated strategies, instead you should focus on new and innovative ideas. Whilst there are tried and tested online marketing techniques that will always be essential, such as SEO in Sydney, it is also important to try new things.

A new approach to digital marketing will help your business stand out from your competitors and will encourage potential customers to notice you. The great thing is that the options are endless, it is all down to how imaginative you can be. A simple place to start is by offering new and exciting products or services, such as takeaway, click and collect or delivery. DIY and care packages, gift baskets that can be sent directly to family and friends and virtual classes, meetings and shows are all brilliant options.

Although the pandemic has been incredibly challenging, it is also encouraging people to think outside the box and really focus on their digital marketing techniques. Whilst it is still uncertain how long Covid-19 will impact countries and organisations, online marketing is more important than ever. Instead of focusing on in person tactics, now is the time to place emphasis on SEO in Sydney, social media and digital marketing as a whole.