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Blogging trends: Why you should be wary of them and what you should do instead

pic showing how blogging trends are affecting the masses

I have to admit it, once I see a success story posted online, I click on it. It’s not just me, however, as tons of people succumb to this. We are fond of the winners, of the latest trends and other popular ways of writing blogs that helped elevate them to the top. We want to increase our traffic and conversions (who doesn’t?) so we follow the path of these so-called masters. But, is it this really a good strategy? What are the possible consequences of following these blogging trends?

Observing our competition is nothing new to us.

As they say, “If you want to be the best, then you must learn from the best.”

My opinion is that although there’s no harm in admiring and knowing about what works well for the audiences, it’s the imitation part that’s somehow alarming.

Why not develop your own voice and style of writing instead?

Sure you can always begin with a framework of what works well in mind, but do not stop there.

Remember that the trends started off small too.

Something clicked with the readers that let it stand out from the crowd.

Instead of analysing every detail of a popular post, here’s what you can do instead:

1. Experiment

We are all guilty of wanting to be on top, and doing it as soon as possible.

We have forgotten the value of trial and error, of experimenting and learning from experience what works and what does not.

This may take more time and you will have your share of mistakes, but once you succeed, this will be all worth it.

Try different forms of writing and see how your readers respond to it.

2. Seek feedback

When we only have ourselves to listen to, this creates hindsight.

Although we have researched and have known a lot during the years, there’s still a lot to learn.

Asking for feedback helps you improve in areas that you may be less efficient in.

3. Prioritise consumer interests

Trends come and go, and will eventually be replaced by new ones.

However, when you write to benefit your readers and prioritise their best interests, then you can never go wrong.

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