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Part 2 of a series

Online Business Matters Amid Pandemic

A lot of traditional business, especially in many poor countries of the world, do not embrace online business. But with the current situation that many are closing shops, traditional businesses are encourage to adopt the ‘new normal’ and start focusing their businesses online.

They can start having a web store to display their products online and not limiting their target market to the world. Traditional business do not know how to run an online business but they can ask help from the experts such as experts from amazon online mall, etsy, alibaba, lazada mall, and all other very successful online businesses that really captured the world.

Key to successful online business

Below are some effective tips to adopt the new norms of managing a business amid the pandemic:

1. YouTube Tips – There are a lot of tips you can get from Youtube videos about managing an online business. If you want to save some money then getting this option is advised, especially for start up businesses online.

2. You pay for the experts – But in many ways, online experts do not divulge openly their success online. You need to buy their e-books or electronic materials like videos if you really want to get step-by-step their methods in doing their businesses online successfully.

3. Learn to market your products online. – Although your target market is the world BUT always remember the competition online is very strong. You are not only competing with your own Filipino online entrepreneurs but you are also competing same products with the rest of the world. You must learn the craft of effective online marketing. There are a lot of ways but you need to understand first the basic before going further.

4. The competition is in SEO. – as a businessman very focused offline or this so-called ‘traditional business’ you need to learn the basic of landing your products in top pages in search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the very basic foundation of putting your business on top of search engines. You need to learn SEO as much as possible in order to compete with the rest of the online business owners who have the same products with you. Or, you will be left behind in competition. You will not be able to display your products on top pages of Google and eventually you will lose.

5. Hire local SEO guy in your area. – If you feel you have the capacity to hire the experts in SEO, you need to hire one for your businesses. This is to fast track your revenue before its too late for your you to recover losses. The new norm is into embracing your traditional business. If so, you need to double your efforts before incurring heavy losses that might cost your downfall. Think of it.