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How to have a user-friendly mobile app design

user-friendly mobile app design
Image by bruce mars from Pexels

Is your mobile app design user-friendly?

If you’re not quite sure with your answer, then you may need to get a couple of testers to give you some valuable feedback.

The thing is that having a “mobile-friendly” application, or simply put, an app that’s compatible with most mobile devices, is never enough.

User experience (UX) should be your topmost priority.

You created your app for human beings, anyway, right?

Let me speak to you in a consumer’s perspective.

I don’t know about you, but this is my top 3 big no-no’s whenever I download an app.

  • Menu has too many options
  • Complicated design
  • Intrusive ads

It only takes a few presses to get rid of it, anyway.

Plus, it makes my device lag. NOT. A. PLEASANT. EXPERIENCE.

This app is now memorable to me, and not in a positive way.

Also, there are tons of other apps out there.

The market is extremely competitive, so why should I waste my time?

With that being said, you can always make a few tweaks here and there to get rid of this issue.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind when developing a user-friendly mobile application.

1. Keep it simple.

Make use of minimalist designs. They are in trend for a good reason.

Also, your icons must guide your audiences where they want to go.

It is advisable to avoid complicating your design with too many tabs, as well.

Simplicity keeps your app beautiful and at the same time, usable.

2. Make sure it’s fast.

I already said it. Users love an app that responds quickly and DOES. NOT. LAG.

This goes hand in hand with keeping your app simple.

Now that there are only a few elements involved in your design, it takes less time to load.

If you have to put an advertisement in there, make sure it’s non-intrusive.

Or at least, give users an option to click it away.

It’s extremely off-putting that not only do users have to deal with an unwanted ad, but worse, they can’t really escape it.

3. Give it a sleek design.

Having an elegant and modern-looking app shows how adaptable your business is with the current times.

That signals the consumers that your business is progressive.

So if you have a simple, fast and beautiful mobile app, then congratulations! Users are sure to love it.

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