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A photo booth is now considered as an important part of every party or occasion as it helps make the event more memorable and fun. It is actually the life of the party and allows every guest to be creative and carefree.

But when inside a photo booth, you might wonder how to do the pose, especially if you are camera-shy and is not really a selfie fanatic. Well, don’t fret. We can help you enjoy every minute you have inside the photo booth and be a model for a short time.

Photo booths usually come with party props, which vary according to the type of party being held – whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, or a Christmas party. Party props are meant to be used by the guests in taking photos inside the photo booth to add a little “drama” to the photographs. But there are some party props that can be used in any event, regardless of the type of party being held.

When posing inside the photo booth, consider the party props you are using. But be creative in using these props so your photos will end up fun, fabulous and amazing.

Wedding parties usually make use of a lot of party props that are related to love and romance. If you are attending a wedding event with your spouse, you can do a lot of poses like a surprise kiss or a proposal reenactment. Or you can carry your wife and do a little naughty pose as if you are about to drop off your wife for being so “heavy.” Or do a reverse – carry your husband and show off in your facial expression that you can handle his weight, even if you are about to be knocked off!

For couples, you can use a party prop with the word “love” and then do a “kissing” move or a hug. This shows you really love each other and don’t mind doing some silly things in front of the camera.

If you want to be “naughty,” you and your friends can do different wacky poses or use colorful hats to spice up your photos.

If you are taking photos with your male friends, you can reenact popular dance moves like Harlem Shake, Running Man, Chicken Dance, The Dougie, Gangnam Style or the Macarena. This is fun especially if all of you love to dance.

Your facial expression also adds beauty to your photos so before hitting the click button of the camera, discuss first with your friends what facial expression to use in your poses. You could be happy or sad, nervous or embarrassed, angry or laughing, surprised or disgusted, depressed, bored, annoyed or smiling, tired, proud or winking.

The poses you do inside the photo booth will surely create lasting memories for you and your friends.

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