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A small business at a certain locality also needs an online presence. These days, people find the stores they like online and in the search engines. That is why, small businesses should also make an effort to build their presence online. Small businesses also need not to take a bigger step when it comes to advertising through search engines. They just need to learn the rudimentary principles of local SEO in order to start the ball rolling. Local SEO Sydney can be tricky at time because there are still many competitors crawling to the top 1 of Google or any other search engine.

So why should local and small business do local SEO?

It is important to note that small business should also gain traction locally. People always search for keywords like “fastfood restaurant near me,” or a “clothing store near me.” In this light, you want people to find your store through these keywords.

5 Tips on how to do Local SEO

Just like the general SEO, local SEO should also be planned carefully. In some level, general SEO and local SEO strategy have difference. This article will tell you 5 tips on how to do local SEO correctly.

Get on Google Places

Google places is one of the best ways for customers to find you. Google places will mark your store on the map, hence, those people trying to find your store will find it easily and without any hassle. Always start by getting your business on Google places before anything else if you are small business owner who wants to promote the business locally.

Use Schema Markup.

Adding a schema markup in your business will give your business an edge to those who didn’t put a schema markup on their website. Offering a full contact details of your website will also signal your audience that you are trustworthy website who is offering a high quality service.

Get backlinks from NON-COMPETING Small businesses

You need to gather help from other small businesses who’s on top of their field by backlinking to them. These non-competing small business will help you a lot. You can also let them know that you are willing to put their backlinks to your website in exchange. This is called a backlink exchange.

Increase your online presence through videos.

Making videos for your website is also one of the best ways to market your business. The people will know what you are up to and what are the products you are selling and the services that you are rendering.

Make your website mobile friendly and responsive.

Just like the general SEO, you must also make your website mobile friendly and responsive. Since people are on their smartphones these days, and they can’t seem to separate from it. There’s a high chance that they will only be searching through their phones. With that being said, you must make your website mobile friendly so it can be easily accessed by the people.