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The social networks that you can find today on the internet have impacted and changed your professional and personal lives. And it is far greater than most of the people could have imagined. The impact of social media today and the evolution of social networks in the previous 5 years have been remarkable and outstanding.

A report from the Social Media Examiner in 2015 stated that Social Media Marketing Industry holds valuable perception into how marketers and sellers are incorporating social media, how much time they spent and what is the perspective.

It is quite clear that marketers and sellers consider social media to have an actual impact on their business. About  92% of marketers reported that social media marketing strategy is relevant and essential to the success of their business.

There are at least 5 advantages that a business enterprise can gain through social media marketing.

First, it increased exposure. This is the top benefit that marketers and sellers can get. In just a few hours or days, your website or the products that you are promoting online will gain popularity. Social media marketing or social media optimization presents a very distinctive opportunity and chance for companies or business firms to remain top of mind with current customers and get on the radar of new clients on their desired platforms.

Second, it helps increased traffic. A lot of marketers and sellers found that social media marketing activities augmented traffic to their website. Encouraging social media users to visit your site is a tough task. However, with enticing content and well-formulated ads with a captivating call to action can encourage customers to visit your online web.

Third, it created loyal fans. It is not a mystery that most social media users take part on social platforms for personal needs first. B2B marketing or promotion usually consist of many decision makers at various stages of the buying system. Luckily, social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter make it stress-free for marketers to target audiences based on job titles, demographics, and interests.

Fourth, it provided a marketplace views. It is said that 68% of sellers and marketers observed that social media offered market views. Social media allows you to see and appreciate your consumers in their real environment. It becomes easy to reveal who are their friends or networks, their preferred tv shows or movies, where they work, etc.

And lastly, it generated leads. Marketers and sellers who have been using social media for more than a year generated leads via social media. Among the 5 advantages, this one has the biggest influence and impact on the bottom line. To create eligible leads over social media, your community or network has to believe and trust you.

Other advantages could be improved search rankings, grown business partnerships, established thought leadership, improved sales, and lessen marketing cost.

Today, the leading most significant social platforms for marketers and sellers are Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.