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trending strategy for SEO for 2020

Well, we’ve made a research online about what’s in store for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and we’ve gathered a lot of information from different experts about what is working for SEO in 2020 and what not.

According to search engine journal, one of the leading trend setters specially about updates in SEO, for purposes of giving updates every year on what is still working for the coming year and those that no longer works or has become obsolete, and these are what these experts in SEO have to say:

1. BERT is a hot topic

We’ve visited a lot of SEO-guru websites to learn more about SEO updates and we’ve always learned that BERT is really a hot topic as among those strategies that still work for 2020. In 2019, we’ve learned that Google’s new BERT launch was awaited by many internet marketers around the world. SEO professionals are eager to learn how to optimize their sites for this BERT.

Kelly Stanze, Hallmark’s search strategist says he’ll be putting his focus on user-focused optimization as well as this so-called technical delivery of content.

“Look at the mechanics of how something is crawled, indexed, and served in a variety of different search settings. With users having more options than ever in how they search for things, it’ll be even more important for SEOs to bear in mind the fundamentals of clean architecture and content delivery,” points out Stanze.

Eli Schwartz, Growth consultant and Advisor, said with this years incorporation of BERT into ranking as well as featured snippet algorithm, Google has been moving forward into making this search criteria really all about intent matching rather that string matching

“Content will truly have to be written to user intent rather than just strings that a user might search. Keyword research tools may even become less relevant with the primary data set for content creation coming from suggested queries. In 2020, the really smart SEOs will get up from their desks to talk to customers so they can find out what their audience really wants from them,” Schwartz explained.