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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram – most people have fun in using these social media networks to create friends and document their fun moments. However, do you know that the

5 ways that social media has influenced marketing strategies.

The rapid proliferation of social media platforms has not only lead to monumental advancements in the ability for individuals to express thoughts and ideas on particular topics and issues while

The time has come, Virtual ‘Waifus’ are here. What does all this suggest?

  17.12.2016     Business, Infographics, Video   No comments

Originally manufactured from the depths of  the Otaku / Weeaboo cultural domains,  ‘Waifu’ refers to a 2D fictional ‘wife’ that is typically derived from characters among the anime or video-game genre. The extent

The rise of augmented reality !

  16.08.2016     Business, Infographics   No comments

With the introduction of the now world renowned free-to-play augmented reality based  game — ‘Pokemon Go’,  not a day has gone by where the title hasn’t been subject to some

The growth of digital media

With the proliferation of internet culture and digital media, we live in a prosperous society with petabytes of  information at the tip of our fingers. Additionally, the way individuals, work

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