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Amazing Tech innovations for 2019 Revealed

Well, Year 2020 is pretty much interesting with the advent of the emerging tech innovations that brought tech savvy people more concern about safety and data breach challenges. While technology brings ‘”ohh and ahh” to everyone but it also brings danger and risk to humans.

Have you tried listing your top tech innovations for 2019? Oh common, even if we don’t belong to the so-called millennials and to the tech savvy human beings, we need to be upgraded also of the latest in technology. Whether we like it or not, we also belong to this new world, wherein, technology matters. It’s our life now…common it’s Year 2020 now. Embrace the new world of gadgets and tech innovations!

Okay, here are my top 4 tech innovations, have you?

1. IoT 

In my country, it sounds “oh yeah” or sexual intercourse but it’s not what you are thinking man! It is “Internet of Things” though. And it is one of the hot topics for tech experts in 2019. They said that while IoT brings good news to everyone but it also, likewise, poses threats to every user. Now for the ordinary people, what is IoT? Well, we will discuss this step by step to make things clearer to us, right?

IoT, or what is known as the “Internet of Things” is actually referring to over billion devices all over the globe which are all connected to the worldwide web or what is commonly known as the Internet. These devices are connected to the net either by wi-fi or sensors. Many call it a giant connectivity of devices serving different purposes. It is basically a giant network of different objects that are dependent on the internet. They collect data and this huge data is analysed and exchanged in many different process of all these devices.   

Tech expert company Gartner said around 8.4 billion IoT devices were used in 2017. Some of these IoT-connected devices are washing machine, a phone, refrigerator, watch and even a car. It’s also been tried and tested that IoT can become components of systems and machines including an airplane engine as well as oil rig. This year, it is predicted that IoT devices is expected to hit 20.4 billion. Spending for IoT all over the world has reached to a whopping $2 Trillon in 2017.

IoT is simply digital intelligence that makes every device smarter than that of its own usage. When devices are connected to IoT, they become smarter. Among the best examples are a smart refrigerator, a smartwatch and a smartphone of course! So when you are at a grocery store and you forgot to open your fridge to see what’s lacking, you just simply connect to your connected fridge your smartphone and you can already see your ref in just a blink of an eye. Wow, my fridge has no more “red wine,” Oh yeah, I need to buy one haha.” You see the scenario? That’s the ultimate power of IoT.

2. Blockchain Sounds familiar? Yeah, the blockchain concept became talk of the town in 2019 when Facebook announced it is going to introduce a new currency. Of course, there were mixed reactions of this announcement. Other people and loyal Facebook fanatics supported the idea of Mark Zuckerberg but … to be continued.