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Website designing plays an important role nowadays because a professionally designed and well optimized website will bring you more business. Everybody is looking for business success and talks about sales. Website is worth only if it generates much traffic and more conversion. The organic search presence and referral sources are the main ways to drive traffic to website. If a website is not well designed or optimized for sales, the visitors will leave quickly and move over to the next website. So there are few things that a website should have to create more business. Please check whether your existing website is having the features below.

Responsive Design

A website is said to have a good design if it communicates is goals , products, services clearly to the customers. The design of website should stick to the modern trend and features. Now most of the website have responsive design. A responsive designed website can adjust its layout as per the screen size of the device which visitors are browsing. Pages can be easily read out in tablets, ipads, mobiles etc. As the number of smartphones and tablets goes increasing day by day, the responsive designing deserves a great attention when you are planning for designing a good website. A responsively designed website have more flexibility, provide excellent user experience, cost effective and make the website google friendly.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System

Content is King. A website with a good content management system will allow you to manage your contents easily. A CMS website will help you to publish and update the pages you created, you can play with the content with out much technical knowledge. A lot of opensource CMS platforms are available for creating good CMS websites. WordPress, Joomla,Magento, Opencart are some them. A lot of pluggins are available with WordPress to create stylish designed website.

Good Page Speed

Google page speed
Time is money, no one prefer to wait for delayed loading websites. Every body like to load websites in less than three seconds. Faster loading will improve the ranking in google.Google Page Speed Insights will give complete guidance about optimizing the speed of a website. Using Content Delivery Network will double your page speed. Gzip is a good option for reducing the page size. Caching the website scripts, images also improve the speed and performance. Overall these thing make your site a rocket.

Search Engine Opmtimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to create presence in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) which is the listing of search engine returned by a keyword query. Google is the most searched Search Engine so everybody optimize the websites as per google’s algorithms. Getting in to the top list of google is not an easy job. Google shows more authentic and great user experienced websites in their search results. Website’s content should be optimized with keywords, title, header, meta tags. The website should meet Google Webmaster Tool’s guidelines. More over content need to be of high quality and authentic. It should meet and solve customer’s query. Find few tips for SEO

Social Relevance

According to the recent researches and studies, it is found that the number of peoples using social medias and the average time spend on social media is increasing rapidly. Social Media is the best platform to promote your website in the effective way. Your website should be social media friendly so that people can engage with your contents on social medias. Social share buttons on your website will help to share the content or product features in social medias for the customers. Creating a good facebook page, twitter timeline are important since most of the customers wander in all these. Include informative images , titles, and attracting content while you share your content. Also you can utilize the boosting campaigns, like campaigns available in facebook to drive more traffic to the website.

Call Button

call button
The most important thing that quickly turns into a business is the sales calls originating from the websites. Since most of the customers visit websites from responsive devices ( smart phones and tables), a “call now” button clicking on which will initiate the call to preset sales number will help to convert sales calls to business.

Customer chat

A sales chat with the customer will help to solve the doubts and concerns of customers regarding the products and services. This will help to increase the sales leads. Most of the shopping cart websites provide online customer chat. A call back facility also offered when chat is not avilable

Paid advertising

Paid advertising also boosts the leads from website through the traffic occurring from different sources. Google Advertising, Banner Advertising on portals, Paid link exchanging are some best ways to drive traffic to the website with needy customers.

Off page SEO

off page seo

Off page SEO means creating sources to drive traffic to your website from external website using back links. Listing your websites in local directories, social sharing, guest blog writing, commenting to blogs, creating blogs etc will create links that drive traffic into your websites.

Analyse website

Google analytics
Analyzing plays an important role while it gives a feed back for your website promotion. The most and best tool used for that is Google analytics using which we can see how many customers are coming to the website, from which country or region, from which sources you are getting the traffic, how many live visitors, how much traffic from social medias etc. According to these datas, you can re arrange the contents and improve your user experience.